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The studio

I am Elea Lelimouzin, a ceramicist since 2019. I create minimalist, sober, and organic handmade ceramics. All the pieces you will find on this website are entirely crafted by hand, with patience, intention, and care, in my studio near Bordeaux. Each of them has a soul and a story. The story of the studio began in 2018 when I chose to leave my job in marketing to pursue ceramics.

Elea Lelimouzin, céramiste à Bordeaux

The search for meaning

After working in marketing for several years, I embarked on a professional transition in 2018 to become a ceramicist. Working with clay quickly emerged as a natural choice for me in pursuit of more meaning, reconnection, and the need to create something. Without initially intending or seeking it, my work and pieces quickly became an extension of myself. They are simple, intuitive, imperfect, raw, and subtle at the same time.

A fascination with ancient ceramics

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an archaeologist. Of unearthing objects from the past, dating back thousands of years. I was passionate about antiquity, Greek and Egyptian mythology, as well as the Mayan civilization. I have always been drawn to and fascinated by ceramics altered by time as well as their history.

I aspire to create similar pieces, both timeless and full of soul, imperfections, and sensitivity, inviting contemplation and evoking emotion. Ceramics that could have been made thousands of years ago and fit perfectly into contemporary, modern, raw, and minimalist interiors.

A primitive and instinctive mind

Samekh, Heth, Sekhmet... All the names of my collections are directly inspired by the letters of the Phoenician alphabet, considered the first alphabet of humanity, or by Egyptian mythology.

The sound and the very origin of the names of my collections are perfectly aligned with the raw and primitive image that I aspire to convey through my handmade ceramics.

An internationally recognized work

Today, I am fortunate to be able to export my pieces all over the world, carrying with them the values ​​they embody and that I aspire to convey through them. In 2023, over 2000 ceramics made in the studio found their place with individuals and professionals in 17 countries around the world. I collaborate with hotels, restaurants, interior architects, and decoration shops in France and internationally, and I also offer my pieces to individuals on this online store.

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An artisanal work

Unique handcrafted pieces

Each of my pieces is handmade, with patience, intention, and attention. My work is primarily raw, sober, and imperfect. I exclusively work with black stoneware, which I decorate and glaze using recipes that I determine and create myself.

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